When Is A Hair Transplant The Right Solution For You?

If you are suggested for a hair transplant to overcome your hair loss problems, it is really a good option. Hair transplant is proved as the best solution for the people who face hair thinning or bald patches caused by severe hair loss. Hair loss may be caused by various factors and some types are reversible and some are not. Reversible hair loss conditions stop after some duration but some remains with baldness on the scalp. To not get change in appearance due to bald patches and get discontented, consult an expert Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad who dictate proper solutions in your case. A doctor helps to understand your problem, health condition and suggest exactly suitable treatment according to your profile.

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Hair Loss Types

Hair loss can be caused by long term illness conditions and medication for a long time. This type can be revered after the health condition becomes normal or you stop the medication. If you feel stress or depression for a long time, leading a cool lifestyle helps to stop the hair fall. Hormonal imbalance and certain disorders like thyroid continue hair fall and it can be controlled by hormonal treatment. Improper dietary habits may cause hair to fall due to a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Intake of supplements and eating leafy vegetables help to control the hair loss. Some types of hair loss are Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Alopecia, Traction Alopecia and others cannot be stopped and create a permanent impact on the person.

Hair Transplant is a Perfect Solution

Inheritance is one of the main cause of getting bald patches or hair thinning on the scalp. Pattern baldness is encountered by both men and women due to the genes carrying baldness characteristics from their ancestors. In this case, bald patches may appear at a very young age. Women face severe hair thinning on their middle hairline and scalp becomes visible. Men get bald patches and receding hairlines through temples or from the crown. Long term stretching of hairs with a band makes hair follicles weak and start shedding the hairs. These problems can be treated with hair transplant surgery.

Suitable Hair Transplant Surgery

Even though there are a variety of methods in hair transplant surgery, you must be eligible to undergo any of them to get hair restoration. You health condition must satisfy all the condition to receive a hair transplant. Hair transplant is done by collecting the hair follicles from any area of your body and implanted at the recipient location. If you have enough number of DHT resistant hair follicles to cover the bald area of your scalp, you are the most eligible person to get a hair transplant treatment. The main aspiration you would have is the requisition of abundant hairs in head-full density which makes you attractive. A hair transplant is a target to make you contented for life long with permanent hairs.

Select a Worthy Procedure

Choose an expert doctor and clinic where you can get the right information about the transplant and get it in a successful way. You must be aware of fake clinics and discount prices because you need to get a professional way of skillful treatment from authorized surgeons. Hair Transplant Price in Ahmedabad is reasonable and offers you a genuine procedure using advanced technology procedures.

Get the Right Information on Fue Hair Transplant Cost: By Dr.Kinnar Kapadia

Hair transplant is a perfect treatment for men and women who suffer from severe hair loss. It is suggested to get hair restoration using transplantation methods. It is a wise decision for the persons who have hair loss due to inheritance, stretching, chronic illness, medication, stress, skin disease or any other problems. To check whether a person is ideal to get the treatment or not, it is better to consult a Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad as soon as possible to not get complete baldness. The cost of hair transplantation in India is very reasonable and offers complete success with abundant hair growth.

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Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant is done in two methods which are strip surgery and excision method. Both are performed in different ways in which the procedure varies according to the requirement. A single or group of hair grafts are picked using advanced tools and located at the bald area on the scalp. The total cost of hair transplant includes the number of hair grafts transferred, Pre and post-surgery consultations to complete the treatment. A patient’s area of baldness and the required density of hair follicles allows estimating how much a transplant costs. There are misconceptions that cheaper treatments are easily obtainable which are offered by some clinics. Dr. Kinnar Kapadia explores the truth behind the hair transplant costs which are reliable to get a good result.

Dr. Kinnar Kapadia, a Hair Transplant Expert

Dr. Kinnar Kapadia is a popular hair transplant specialist serving the hair loss patients in the popular hair transplant clinic ‘The Avenues Cosmetic Surgery Center’. It is situated in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state and popular for hair transplantations with greatest reviews. Dr. Kapadia is a board-certified member and has immense experience in conducting surgeries for different types of hair loss cases. He attends global seminars to update the health industry renovations, especially regarding hair transplantation. He is awarded the ‘Times Health Icon for 2018’ and ‘Brand Achievers Award for 2015’. He achieved a successful career in allocating hair growth to the people who are depressed with hair loss.

FUE Hair Transplant And its Cost

The expert says that Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is advised to so many cases because of its advantages with no side effects. This method uses advanced technology tools to pick each hair follicles, to process it, and to transplant it on the destination area. The entire process is convenient for the patient and offers a good output. According to Dr. Kapadia, the transfer of each hair follicles is counted to calculate the total cost and the number of grafts is decided as per the bald area and the required density of hair growth. In a general transplant, it costs nearly Rs. 35,000 to 80,000 to transfer the hair follicles on the average. It depends on the density and the number of sessions required to get thick hair growth. As the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad, he warns the patients to get a clear picture of the hair graft transfer before going for it to estimate the treatment and its result.

Affordable Hair Transplants: Quality Vs Price

Hair transplant is an amazing hair loss procedure for male and females but with a condition. Most of the hair loss patients like to have the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad but they hardly spend some time in searching for an authentic clinic where the cost of hair loss treatment is reasonable.


When we think about the common behavior of hair loss patients, they are irritated and want to have a permanent solution to the problem. The zeal for a permanent cure is not invalid but the patients need to spend some time before making any final decision because a lot of fake clinics are active in the field of hair loss.

The claims made by the clinics are attractive and many patients come to these clinics in the hope of having a cheap hair loss treatment. But the reality is quite different.

In these clinics, several risks are associated with the treatment like:

Untrained Doctors and Staff:

In cheap clinics, mostly, the doctors do not have sufficient knowledge and proper license to perform the surgery. Besides the doctors, the staff is also not properly trained in these clinics because such clinics want to reduce the cost of the treatment and therefore, they compromise with the quality.

Improper Diagnosis:

It is possible that the surgeon cannot find the correct reason for your baldness or he is not able to check your candidacy. In this condition, the surgeon may make the wrong decision.

Low-Quality Treatments:

Cheap clinic does not provide proper facilities and environment to the patients because of providing low-cost treatment. therefore, a cheap clinic does not mean high-quality treatment.

Improper Aftercare:

Authentic clinics assist the patients even after the surgery to ensure proper aftercare. But in the case of the selection of a cheap clinic, you cannot hope for proper aftercare.

Infections And Health Issues:

If you are treated in a cheap clinic, you are at risk because of the possibility of infections or other health issues during or after the surgery.

Unsatisfactory Results:

The major factor is a success after the treatment if you choose a hair restoration clinic. Both your money and time are wasted if you choose a cheap clinic.

As you can better understand that treatment in a cheap clinic can be a disastrous decision. However, it does not mean you should not look for an authentic and affordable clinic.

All the authentic clinics do not compromise with the quality but they are aware of the fact that for a patient, quality is more important than the cost. Therefore, they try to offer a reasonable cost with high-quality treatment.

If you are worried about the Hair Transplant Price in Ahmedabad, visit the Avenues clinic and have high-class and cost-effective hair loss treatment. The clinic offers various finance options for the patients to help them reduce the final cost of the treatment.

Are You Confused About Why You Got Rejected For A Hair Transplant?

Every person faces hair loss in his life but sometimes, the conditions are just out of control. Mostly, the patients face male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia and in this condition, they need the advice of a capable Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad Experts say that hair transplant surgery would be an effective cure for most of the patients but the patients need a complete checkup of the scalp and hair before the treatment.

AVENUES Hair transplant

In fact, the surgeon cannot decide to perform the hair transplant surgery immediately. He needs some examination to make sure you are the right candidate for the surgery. You may be surprised after reading the fact because as a patient you need the hair transplant as the best treatment.

Yes, it is true that hair transplant is the permanent solution for baldness but in some cases, your surgeon might say no to treat your baldness.The disappointment of the patients is valid if he is not found a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery but we want to make sure that the surgeon is your best friend in the condition of hair loss and he always made a good decision for your future.

Therefore, you must listen to the surgeon to know about his viewpoint.

Here we have some reasons for you to make it clear that in some cases, hair transplant is not possible.

Progression of Baldness:

The male pattern baldness progresses following a certain pattern. First of all, the patient observes a gradual recession in the hairline and later, the temple and crown area is also affected. This is a gradual process and the experts divide the progression of baldness into seven main phases, as you may imagine, every next phase is severer than the previous stage. At the peak of the baldness, a layer of hairs remains on the back and sides of the head. This region is called the donor site since this area is used for performing hair transplant surgery.

It is clear that baldness is an unstable condition and the surgeon look for stability of baldness before he makes a final decision to treat your baldness. If he ignores the progression, the new bald area may occur after the hair transplant surgery.

Quality of Donor Hairs:

It has mentioned above, that donor hairs are used for the hair transplant surgery. Therefore, the surgeon has to check the quality of this region. If the hairs on this area are not thick and dense, your chances to have the surgery are really limited.

Your Age:

Generally, hair loss surgeons say that hair transplant is possible at any age but the surgeon needs to check your age because they want to check the stability of baldness and your emotional maturity before making any final decision. So, your age is also a factor.

Health Condition, Medications, Addictions:

Perfect health makes you an ideal candidate but if you are facing any chronic disease, you have to tell about your health and medications you are having for your problem. If you smoke or drink, you must tell it to your surgeon.

If you are facing hair loss and want to have the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad, just come to the Avenues clinic to know about your options, the surgeon requires checking your scalp and then, they will make an appropriate decision.

Reason For Men Losing Hairs In the Age of 35

Hair loss is seen in many people causing bald patches and the complete change of their appearance. Especially, men are facing the hair fall at a very young age which has a great impact on their physical look and emotional feelings. It is better to consult a doctor for treatment if severe hair fall is noticed. Consult an expert Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad to investigate the problem and find suitable solutions. Different types of hair treatments are available to overcome hair loss at the right time.

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Factors for Hair Fall

Hair fall and bald signs in the age of 35 can be caused by imbalanced nutrition acquired by a person. If the growth factors of hair follicles are restraining them to function properly, they will reduce the support to grow hair strands and shed them too for a long time. The problem can be reduced by taking supplements of vitamins as prescribed by the doctor. If any person is feeling stress for a long time, it shows the effect on the health of hair follicles. Chronic health problem and using medicines for a long duration cause hair fall. Traction Alopecia is one type of hair problem in which long term stretching and holding of hairs tightly cause the hair loss. Some of the hair loss types are reversible and retains normal hair growth after once the health condition is treated. Irreversible type of hair loss can be restored by hair transplant methods.

Genetic Inheritance in Hair Fall

Hair loss at a very young age is generally caused by inheritance in which hereditary factors control the hair growth. Either male or female persons start getting hair loss in their teens starting from 15 years of age. The condition is continued until it leaves hair thinning or bald patches on the scalp. The problem can be Alopecia Areata or any other type, in which hair can be restored by hair transplant. Men have the chances of getting baldness rather than women, particularly, pattern baldness.

Pattern baldness is the Androgenetic disease which makes bald patches in men. It is caused by the hormonal disorder and has an immense effect at a young age. The baldness can start from the crown or from the temples, slowly spreading over the other portions. If the problem is found soon, hair restoration can be done in possible methods because it cannot be reversible with medicines. Generally, men have DHT resistant hair follicles at the backside of the head, which can be transferred to the bald area. Women get female pattern baldness, in which hair thinning can occur throughout the scalp.

Get a Hair Transplant For Permanent Hair

Consult an expert doctor to get a thorough diagnosis about the hair fall and find a better solution. Hair transplant is the best option to cover the bald patches or hair thinning problem in men or women. A good suggestion is to obtain the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad for getting hair restoration and permanent hair along with lifelong contentment.

Hair Transplant in Scars- Is it Possible?

Hair transplantation is widely opted by men and women to get hair restoration. Persons who are suffering from pattern baldness, hair thinning, Bald patches, Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia are the ideal people to get hair transplant surgery. Especially, if a person has scars on the scalp, eyebrows, lips, or anywhere on the body, it seems unusual and needs to make the area normal. Hair transplant helps to restore hair follicles and allows to transform into natural appearance. In this case, patients are advised to get the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad to achieve a completely successful result. Here are the points that must be considered transplantation in the case of scars.

Hair-transplant scares

Existing Scars and Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hair transplantation on scars is more difficult than conducting it on the normal scalp or any other area. It needs a proper diagnosis to check the status of scars and aesthetic skills to design for a successful surgery.

Generally, if a person is having scars on the scalp due to any reason, the area does not remain normal. The skin tissue becomes hard and the scar tissue does not get enough blood circulation. Hair transplantation becomes hard sometimes if the scar location does not have the ability to cope up with the transplantation.

Patients who have scars on their scalp due to burns can definitely go for hair transplantation. Burn Scars give a response to hair transplants and give a good result with successful hair growth. So, hair transplant is a good option for them for hair restoration.

Scars formed by incisions or accidents sometimes contain deeper scratch and forms harder surface. Hair transplantation in this area needs proper diagnosis, otherwise, success rate becomes very low.

In the case, if the scars are smooth and the skin is normal, it is possible to perform hair transplantation this place. Healthy hair grafts can be transferred to the scar tissue to grow hair normally. The hair follicles get their room over here and start generating two are more hair strands that are in natural texture for the patient.

If the skin that contains scar tissue is hard and raised, it must be treated first to make it normal. Local Steroid injections are given by the doctors to soften the scar tissue, which also helps to flatten the skin.

As the scar tissue contains poor blood supply, the hair grafts must be placed very carefully. They are implanted by maintaining a minimum distance from one to another to allow enough blood circulation for new grafts.

Hair transplantation on scars needs more than one sessions to achieve a better result. The repeated surgeries help to make the hair density and allocation in the required amount. It depends on the patient’s receiving capacity and natural abundance in getting the result. More aesthetic skills are required to complete the hair transplantation in a predesigned manner.

Choose an expert hair transplant specialist and a clinic that offer the best treatment in advanced methods to overcome the scars problem. Hair Transplant Price in Ahmedabad is reasonable and provide hundred percent success in covering existing scars and patches.

Do Grey Hair Grow Faster

Nowadays, hair related problems are increasing in men and women at a rapid rate due to pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, and improper dietary habits. Hair fall, bald patches, and grey hair are the major problems that are making people panic over the times. Whenever any change is seen in the hairs on the scalp, it must be taken seriously and consult a doctor immediately before getting a major loss. A dermatologist or trichologist can help to overcome scalp diseases or hair related problems. Consult a Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad to know the reason behind the problem and which treatment is suitable for your problem. It is essential to find the cause before getting the solution with the proper diagnosis.

Hair Graying Problem

Hair graying is the most common problem that is encountered at a very young age by both men and women. There are the cases even children could also face this problem. There might be different reasons for getting the color change, but it badly affects a person physically and mentally due to the change. In hair graying problem, the color of hair changes gradually starting from one or two strands and spreads all over the head. The process of hair graying can be noticeable at first, and it continues the color change to the remaining length of hair strands. One can observe it near the temples, in the middle separating line, or on the crown at the starting phase.

Causes For The Color Change

The native hair color of a person is changed by hair graying problem to white color which is affected by the melanin content in a hair strand. The color pigments lose its activity and turn to grey shade affected by melanin. The hair follicles generate hair that is white in color because of its disability to grow hair in natural color. As the hair grows, it appears the hair graying is spreading throughout the hairs up to the ends. So, the hair greying problem is allocated by distracted pigments which cannot continue their natural color. Normally, the problem appears when people grow older and lack of immunity. It can be due to vitamin deficiency or genetic disorder that is carried out due to the hereditary effect.

Grey Hair Grows Faster

If you notice one or two hair strands have been turned to grey, it no longer left to get maximized throughout the scalp. The grey hair is thick in texture and grows longer than normal hair according to recent researches. The hair texture becomes habitual to the graying process and grows very fast in comparing to natural hair. The hair follicles become lack of protein to form natural color in hair strands but have the ability to grow them fast.

Choose The Best Doctor For Hair Treatment

Consult a hair specialist to find the reasons behind the hair graying in your case. Medicines, Injections, or PRP treatment may help you to reverse the color change according to a personal profile. But if you want to restore black color hairs where white hair is existing, hair transplant is the good option for transferring healthy hair follicles of your native. You can obtain the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad in which you can get new hair growth as per your requirement. Expert surgeons help to transform your appearance and get contentment.

The Three Stages of Hair Loss in Androgenetic Alopecia

Symptoms of severe hair loss and bald patches are shown in men and women caused by several factors. When anyone notices the signs of hair shedding or hair thinning, it must be taken seriously and need to take treatment. Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common type of hair loss seen in all ages of people irrespective of their gender. It can be noticed by one’s self with clear symptoms and effects. It is better to consult a doctor immediately to obtain suitable treatment. Ahmedabad Hair Transplant follows the latest technology methods to offer abundant hair when not medicines work out for hair growth.

High Section Of Man With Receding Hairline Against White Background

Male or Female Pattern Baldness

Hair loss due to genetic inheritance is called Androgenetic Alopecia, which is also called Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness. The reason behind this disease is the hereditary effect of carrying genes that make hair loss in a person. The people whoever get affected this problem face severe hair shedding from the scalp. It can be investigated through imaging and other diagnostic methods. Some people go under this condition for a short period, but for some people, it remains lifelong. Doctors explain hair loss due to a genetic effect in three stages which take their own time to develop the problem.

Stages of Hair Loss

People who receive acute hair loss through hair shedding may find hair thinning in the first stage. They lose a larger amount of hairs daily while brushing, shampooing, or on the pillow. No oils or medicines stop the hair fall and the problem increases gradually. In the second stage, they find receding hairlines from the front view, causing extending forehead. Hair loss at the crown shows very less density of hairs at this place. Some may get hair thinning all over the head, in this condition the scalp is visible through the hairs. Women find widening of the middle line or separation line from crown to the frontal part. In the third phase of any hair loss disease, people get bald patches or completely changed hairstyle on the head. A remarkable change of hairlines is found with modified shapes of hairstyle on the scalp. In some diseases, the bald patches exist along with swelling, itching, and redness, creating inconvenience.

Process of Hair Loss

Shedding of a hundred hair strands per day is natural for every human. Hair grows from the base cell called hair follicle which presents in the layers of the skin. Hair follicles maintain growth cycle of hairs by shedding them and growing again. But severe hair loss is caused by the detention of hair follicles by any other factor in the body like genes or immunity system. If the hair follicles are overtaken by any disorder, they become weak and separates the hairs from the scalp, leaving baldness. Some hair follicles on the scalp may stay strong and healthy. These may be used as the donor hairs for transferring them to the bald area when the conditions are irreversible.

Consult A Hair Specialist To Know More

Select the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad to get more details and find a suitable treatment. Every person has an individual case profile and needs to diagnose to investigate thoroughly. Hair transplant helps to restore hair follicles and start the growth of new hairs. It is the best treatment to transform into a head full of hairs and get contentment.

Are Hair Transplants a Good Option For Women?

Every woman wants a head full of hair that offers a wonderful look and capable of maintaining different hairstyles. But in case a woman faces hair loss, it looks absurd for them and become intolerable. It leads to unhappiness and depression if it could not be stopped and delivering its effects. Hair thinning, receding hairline, and bald patches are the results of severe hair loss which emerge a solid change in the appearance for both men and women. The reasons behind these conditions are different from one to another and can be curable for some people. For the people who get permanent hair loss, medicines could not help in stimulating hair growth. Hair transplant is a good option to restore hair on the bald or hair thinning area. Hair Transplantation in Ahmedabad can be availed to overcome hair loss problems and get permanent hair as per required density.

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Hair Loss in Women

Women get hair loss effects slightly different than men. Ladies face hair thinnings where scalp becomes visible from their hairs. They get hugely widen separating line or middle line from the crown to the front portion which is noticeable. They get receding hairlines from the front view, with elaborated forehead than usual. They get these hair loss problems due to inheritance, long term medication, chronic health problems, thyroid, or pulling of hairs for a long duration. It is essential to investigate the reason behind the problem and get suitable treatment. Medicines and injections may work out to control the hair fall and recur hair growth. If the treatment could not work out, it is better to for a hair transplant to restore hair follicles and get abundant hairs.

Need For Hair Transplant in Women

Generally, most percentages of women who suffer from hair loss get hair thinning as its effect. The entire head becomes effective to hair fall and the same density of hair remains on the scalp. So, the hair transplant is not necessary for that women as there is no logic in transferring hair follicles. The second point is, men are left with DHT resistant hair on their back of the scalp which is not prone to get the effect of hair fall. So this hair follicles are ideal to transfer to the bald locations. But in the case of women, mostly, all the hair follicles on the scalp becomes associated with hormonal effective and not suitable to behave as donor’s hairs. So, it is difficult to get healthy donor hair from the women. Persons who have Female Pattern Baldness are sometimes not capable of getting a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant For Women

Hair transplant is the best option who have hair loss due to Traction Alopecia. The problem happens due to stretching hairs tightly for over years. Hair transplantation can be done to restore hair follicles where they are weak and could not grow hair. The females who have any plastic surgeries on the head and the hair follicles are not able to grow hair can opt for a hair transplant. Women who suffer from Distinct Pattern Baldness and have adequate DHT resistant hairs on the scalp are eligible to undergo a hair transplant. Women who have Alopecia Marginalis or have hair loss due to accidents or burns are also able to restore hairs with hair transplant methods.

Consult An Expert Surgeon

Consult a surgeon to discuss the ideal conditions to get a hair transplant and transform into a better appearance. Obtain the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad to get the benefits of permanent hair restoration by expert surgeons who have immense experience in treating such patients.

Alopecia Areata: An autoimmune Condition

Hair loss for more than a hundred strands daily is treated as a rigorous problem. A large percentage of men and women are suffering from higher quantities of hair shedding leading to bald patches. Its effect is shown on physical appearance and decreases self-confidence. There is a various number of reasons for hair loss and baldness, but Alopecia Areata is the most common problem in people. Medical treatment helps to control the disease and also reverse the condition. Hair Transplantation in Ahmedabad is good to obtain sufficient hair growth on bald patches or at receding hairlines. One must know the details about the treatment as well as the own case profile.

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Hair Loss Problem

Alopecia Areata is one of the reasons for hair loss in men and women which can be faced at any age. The actual reason behind the hair loss is the immunity system in them because it is an autoimmune disease that can show its effect suddenly. This disease may persist because of inheritance or severe long time stress. In this disease, the white blood cells attack the hair follicles which are at the outer layers of the skin. It can show the effect on the scalp, beard, eyebrows, or anywhere on the body including pubic hair. The people get hair loss at several locations creating circular bald patches that start in a small size. The patches increase gradually by overlapping motion making them widen.

Symptoms of Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata may occur with inflammation, redness, and itching sensation. They feel more anxiety towards their hair loss that leads to a deep depression. It is essential to consult a doctor without wasting time as immediately as they find any of the symptoms of Alopecia Areata. Blood tests, skin biopsy, and other diagnostic tests are done to estimate the status of the disease. A dermatologist or a trichologist help to alleviate the problem. In case of wide bald patches, hair transplant can be done on the affected area.

Treatment for Alopecia

Hair restoration is possible on the bald patches created by Alopecia Areata. Controlling the immunity system is possible temporarily because the condition may not be reversible in many cases. Some people may get reversible conditions and get out of the disease after some duration. If the disease has become inactive and the effect is not shown for a short while, it is possible to get a hair transplant for generating new hair on the bald patches. But the person should have DHT resistant hair on the scalp to treat them as the donor hair follicles for restoration. Patients should take a balanced diet and stay without stress to get normal condition and avoid the effects of the autoimmune system.

Consult An Expert Doctor And Popular Clinic

Choose an expert doctor to prepare the case profile and check which treatment is suitable for hair restoration. Select the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad to receive maximum benefits of treatment and get the conditions out of Alopecia Areata permanently.